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Design is at the heart of our practice. By working tirelessly with our clients, we accomplish our goal of creative excellence. Our vision is clearly present in all our project; making ordinary architecture to extraordinary.y.
At Imagination Unlimited Design Studio, we’re on top of the latest and most effective development methods in our communities, and we get satisfaction from putting what we’ve learned into practice. Over the years, we’ve adopted a progressive and creative business approach through ongoing research and sound client-architect cooperation to turn project into creative and innovative developments.

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Recently founded by Ar. Chandan Potdar Imagination Unlimited carries a vision of a better community by evolving the designs. Which will be an emblem in future for infra structure of the city Having a resolve to provide services beyond expectation leading to long term relation with clients. With a dream and vision we take a leap and commit to values of the profession and honest execution. In their buildings and interior, Imagination Unlimited practices and idea based design process, wherein a central idea, derived the project brief, informs design decisions throughout the project.

Imagination Unlimited has completed a variety of projects throughout the region, including residential commercial, hospitality and industrial. Our first most objectives is to fulfill all the requirements of the client as best as they can be done, after all it is their dream. At imagination Unlimited we are their to give reality to the dreams of our clients.

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